Photo diary: Guilin, China

Stunning landscape, vegetation, clear water, and thousands of mountains.

Sitting on the river Li, Guilin is considered as one of the most beautiful places in China. The place is very famous for its landscape and for its thousands of small mountains in the shape of steep bumps.


About three years ago, I had the chance to visit the beautiful Guilin with some friends.
Instead of taking the plane, we decided to go on a real adventure and take the train. And what an adventure! A journey of 20 hours through the country from Shanghai to the South of China. Imagine long corridors of bunk beds with no privacy at all. We were definitely traveling in an old sleeper train! Each compartment had 6 beds. Luckily, we were exactly 6 friends traveling together so we set up our own little corner. In between our naps, card games, and laughs we admired the different and amazing landscapes by the window.


After our long journey, we finally got there and went straight away to our hostel, not far from the city center of Guilin. Riverside Hostel is very cozy. In the hall, they have a small library with books coming from all around the world left by some travelers. Located on the river Lijiang, you can walk down a few stairs and relax on the bank. I definitely recommend it, it’s so nice when it’s warm and sunny!

The first day, we explored the area and the city center. Guilin is full of history and has many places to explore. The Elephant Trunk Hill, the Reed Flute Cave, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes… There’s already a lot to see just in the city area!


On our second day, we took the bus up to the mountains. A couple hours drive and we were there! Lost in this beautiful and extraordinary landscape. The bamboo boats, the vegetation, the clear water, and these thousand mountains surrounding us.

Our magical day started as soon as we stepped a foot on one of the small bamboo boats waiting for tourists. The day was warm and being on the water was just amazing.

We started our descent on the river Li. For several kilometers, we could admire the huge mountains surrounding us and observe their roundness, floating quietly on the clear water. The experience was magical and I have seen that day, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

If you ever travel to China, I sincerely recommend you to explore Guilin, which is one of the gems of China and one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!

I remember going over the river and seeing a local couple celebrating their wedding in this extraordinary place. It must have been a magical day for this lucky couple!


Photos by Clémentine Moulin and myself

October 28, 2016
September 9, 2017