David Doubilet (c) Great Barrier Reef Australia

It’s June! And for half of the hemisphere, summer is around the corner!

And when we say Summer, obviously we mean a lot of sun.
So yes, we all want to get tanned and have this perfect golden skin we can show off to our friends and we also all know we must protect it every time we lie in the sun or go out for a surf session.
But did you know most sunscreens are harmful for the ocean?

Like all cosmetics, sunscreens contain some nanoparticles which filters ultraviolet.
When you put sunscreen on your mermaid body and go swim or surf, all the chemical elements of the cream are dispersed in water.

It’s not a random fact! 
Every year, it’s about 25 000 tonnes of sunscreen that are diluted in water.

These chemicals cause rapid and complete bleaching of coral reefs, even at extremely low concentrations.

Coral reefs turn white and die within 48 hours.

But I can hear some of you thinking “I am not close to the Great Barrier Reef so I’m not concerned, am I?”
Yes you are, more than ever! If these chemical filters affect the coral, they also have an effect on plankton (these tiny plants are at the base of the food chain in most oceans and are very important!) and marine fauna.
Some countries such as Mexico have even banned sunscreen on some beaches to protect the marine ecosystem.

Is it a new reason to not put sunscreen? No!

Organic sunscreens won’t harm the ocean because the chemicals filters are replaced by mineral filters (natural). Every ingredients come from renewable resources and are transformed by procedures which respect the environment.

Protect your skin yes! But protect the ocean too! 

Here’s a list, just for you and your skin glow, of some sunscreen brands certified that respect the ocean.

Protect your skin and the ocean with organic sunscreen 1. EQ
2. Nuxe
3. Erbavia
4. Lavanila