Oahu bound

For any girls coming from Europe like me, Hawaii seems untouchable and so far.

When we used to talk about it with friends, we always said it would be our dream to go there. Hawaii has always been on my bucket list of dream places I wanted to go and I never thought I would be lucky to go so soon.
I went there back in November 2016 for a whole week with my boyfriend and his friends. We had a 6 hours flight from LA arriving in the evening in Honolulu. I was so excited that I couldnโ€™t sleep and stay in place on the plane.

When we arrived in Honolulu, it was raining but I didnโ€™t care at all! I was in Hawaii!

As soon as we got out of the plane and climbed down the stairs on the tarmac, I felt the warm wind and the tropical moist on my skin. The smell of the island was incredible and so nicely strong.
My boyfriend and friends were there for a job filming surf and I was there for holidays following them around or being on my own exploring the island.

Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

We stayed in the famous area of Turtle Bay on the North Shore in the nicest Airbnb. We felt at home, we had a view on the golf course and were only a few minutes away from Kuilima Cove. The place was so peaceful and quiet. At night, we could hear the wind in the palm trees and the waves breaking on the shore.

It was actually super nice to stay in this Airbnb instead of staying at the resort next door and be surrounded by tourists.

On the first day, we decided to do the tourist tour and drove back to Honolulu.

We spent the day at Waikiki beach and at the Royal Hawaiian hotel sipping Mai Tais. But I must say, Honolulu was far from my favorite, itโ€™s super busy any time of the day and very touristy with heaps of flag ship stores you could find anywhere else in the world. What I wanted to see was mountains, jungles, waterfalls, beach breaks and surf spots.

Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

We decided to go back to less crowded places and took a tour of the island from the East side driving along the coast. It is so impressive to see the waves breaking along empty beaches and drive between those giant green mountains!

Back on the North Shore, we stopped for the sunset at Pipeline and it was magic.

The light was perfect and the warm wind so nice in my hair. We could have stayed on the beach watching people surfing for hours and hours.
Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

For the rest of the week, we stayed up on the North shore. I had a real crush on Haleiwa, a little surf town with cute stores and healthy spots.

Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

One of my other favorite places was Waimea Bay.

I loved driving down the hill and catch sight of the beach and the valley behind. We went there on a rainy day, we just wanted to swim and the water was completely flat. As soon as we jumped in the ocean, we were lucky to see a beautiful rainbow over the valley.

Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

In the evening, we would often stop at one of those famous food trucks on the North shore. Ifย I had to advise you to go to one of them it would be the Thai one at night. The place is super cozy and the food is delicious.

My little treat in the morning would be to stop at the Sunrise shack in front of Sunset Beach to get a fresh cut papaya filled with muesli and peanut butter.

Oahu has been a dream but will remain one and I definitely will go back to keep exploring this beautiful island.

Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

Oahu bound - Travel Diary to Hawaii - Strange & Noisy

November 11, 2016