I’ve been practicing yoga for some time now, I started when I was in the southwest of France in Hossegor. My teacher was great, passionate and she immediately passed on her passion for yoga.

I think yoga has enormous power over the body, it can soothe, help to feel better after a long day at work, calm down when the small things in life are bothering us and especially make us more positive.

I continued to practice wherever I lived and especially when I moved to Paris a year ago. Parisian life is intense, fast and sometimes stressful. Doing yoga was essential to my survival in this big city! But practicing yoga in Paris is expensive and classes are often crowded. I was afraid to end up with my neighbor toes in the nose and spend all my salary on an annual subscription.

I tried several studios to find the right compromise between great teachers, not too expensive prices and quite large rooms.

I have listed for you below my top 3 yoga studios so you can also enjoy them:


Studio Keller – 1, rue Keller, 75011 Paris

This yoga studio is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, it is well located and easy to access. They have 2 studios, a first big room, and a smaller studio but really cute and nice. They have plenty of different yoga classes from early morning to late evening every day. The teachers are great and help you improve your yoga poses along the session (and I think it’s important!). They keep their classes not too crowded so everyone has enough space to move.

Studio Keller, a yoga studio in ParisStudio Keller, a yoga studio in Paris
Photos (c) Somuchmore

Omm Studio – 12-14 rue Saint Gilles, 75003 Paris

The yoga studio is located in the center of Paris in the 3rd arrondissement.
They have happy hours’ classes if you have a free schedule and offer discount for students.
The studio looks pretty new and very relaxing. They have one main big room for the classes and a really nice patio where you can wait before the sessions and read some cool yoga mag. The teacher I got when I went there was very dynamic and positive and I loved it! She checks on your positions and motivates you to go further along the sessions with her positive vibes. They have all types of yoga classes and also have Pilates if you want to mix.

Omm studio, yoga studio in ParisOmm studio, yoga studio in Paris

Photos (c) Omm Studio

Affordable Yoga – Different places in Paris

Affordable yoga is a team of yoga teachers coming from all around the world. They have classes in different locations in Paris. All the classes are in English and they probably offer the best price in the city. As a first time user, you can get a month unlimited classes for 30 euros and it’s surely the cheapest you can get. They have all types of yoga classes but they usually start in the afternoon or late morning.

This excellent price comes with some disadvantage, though. Some of the rooms are pretty small, the classes are usually crowded (around 30 to 40 people), be sure to come early if you want to have a good place (or a place at all). But the teachers are great, they all have a positive vibe and love sharing their passion for yoga so it’s worth being a little tight in the room. In the summer, they take the classes outside in le Jardin des Tuileries! And it is the best way to make new friends, a lot of expats come to the classes and everybody is nice to each other and try to make the session a fun time.

Affordable yoga, yoga studios in ParisAffordable yoga, yoga studios in Paris

Photos (c) Affordable Yoga Fitness

It is this last one that I would recommend you the most. I like the concept of making wellbeing affordable and not making yoga a new big trendy business. Everyone deserves to feel good! And how cool it is to share the love of yoga with people from all around the world in such a beautiful city as Paris?

So get your yoga mat and enjoy your sun salutations!

What’s your favorite yoga studios in Paris? Which one would you recommend?

July 24, 2016