In the middle of April, as the rain was pouring in Paris, we decided to go for a 3 day weekend in Barcelona.
The idea of getting out of the city for an other great city located on the seaside was inspiring us. We could finally have some sun, take a breath of sea air and get revitalized!

Barcelona always seemed to me very exotic. It was our first time there and I was not disappointed at all.
As our Airbnb was based in the area of Gracià, we walked most of the time. We wandered around the Gotic area, Born and along the beach in Barceloneta. Thanks to our local friends there, we had the chance to have a glimpse of the typical Barcelona life and spent most of our time eating and tasting the delicious wines.

Weekend in Barcelona - View of the city from Park GuellBarcelona is like no other city in the world. With its unique and colorful architecture inspired by Art Nouveau, you will feel in wonderland in some part of the city. If you love culture, you will love Barcelona. And if you love food and wine? You will love it too!

The weather from April to the end of Autumn is warm and usually sunny.

What I loved the most in Barcelona is the nightlife. As you may know, Spanish and Catalan have diner late in the evening and stay up until late. Every day of the week, bars and restaurants are opened until late. So don’t be surprised if the streets are still crowded around midnight!

My first advice if you want to mix the touristic visits and the walks around the city: Wake up early in the morning and enjoy the fresh mornings to visit all the famous and mythic places of the city then spend the rest of the day wandering around the nice and cute streets of Barcelona. That way, you will avoid the tourists buses, the long and infinite line of waiting and the crowded places.
Plus, book all your tickets online! It is super easy and you can avoid the waiting lines.

Where to stay:

Airbnb is pretty famous in Barcelona. You can find cool places for a cheap price. All the neighborhoods below are central and nice to stay:

  • Gotico
  • Born
  • Barceloneta
  • Eixample
  • Gracià

How to move around:

  • The metro is a good way to commute in Barcelona. It will take you almost everywhere you want and even pretty fast to nice places outside the city center. You can get a metro card for 1 to 5 days with unlimited rides.
  • If you stay in the center and love walking, I advise you to do it! It is the best way to explore the city and see the amazing architecture.

Weekend in Barcelona - Walking around the streetsBest places to eat:

  • For breakfast, Mama’s Café in the area of Gracià is delicious. They have avocado toasts and all kind of yummy breakfasts we all love. Their lattes are amazing and they also have delicious orange fresh juices (Spain has delicious oranges!)
  • You want to go local and have a taste of the real Barcelona food? Try the local spot Bar del Pla, located close to Museu Picasso in the Born area. They have the most delicious tapas of the city probably and it’s not a tourist trap. We’ve got the address thanks to our friends there and it’s one of their favorite spots.
  • Bar Lobo, located close to Las Rembles, has delicious and fresh meals. The restaurant has a very cool décor and a nice terrace on a small place.
  • One of my favorite place was Ocaña. It is located on the beautiful Plaza Reial. The décor of the bar inside is amazing. At night, the place gets crowded with people and the atmosphere is very nice and joyful!
  • If you want to hang around the beach, go to Barceloneta and try Makamaka. This place has good burgers and their cocktails are delicious! The atmosphere is nice and you are close to the beach for a last evening walk.
  • You want to eat spicy? Try Teicawey in the Gracià area. This little Mexican restaurant has the best décor and yummy burritos.

Weekend in barcelona - Ocana, plaza Reial

Weekend in Barcelona - Teicawey

Top things to do:

  • Take the metro and enjoy the view of Barcelona in Montjuic. Montjuic is a hill overlooking the old town and the old port of Barcelona.
  • Casa Batlló, Park Güell and Sagrada Familia to see the amazing Antoni Gaudí architectures. As you may have noticed, Gaudí is for something in the fact Barcelona is so beautiful. He designed and built most of the famous sights around the city.
  • Enjoy a lazy afternoon on Barceloneta beach and relax or have fun watching people.
  • Walk and walk around the Gotico, Born areas and the Old town to explore the city and stop for some tapas and a beer if it gets too hot!

Weekend in Barcelona - The view from Park Guell

May 1, 2016